3 tips to read more books

My New Year resolution every year: “I want to read more books!” And I’m certainly not the only one because it’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the world. Many students, entrepreneurs, and employees want to read more but can’t find the motivation or time to do so. Therefore, the primary purpose […]

How to remember what you’ve read

Neurons that fire together wire together Donald O. Hebb This biological fact will be the starting point for this post about remembering. Remembering more of what you’ve read is actually very simple. Higher Engagement = More Remembering. Additionally, we want to engage in various ways. Why do we want to do that? Well, I like […]


How rubber bands can keep you going Don’t be scared, you won’t be hurt. Or at least, the biggest part of you won’t. There is probably lingering a small dragon somewhere inside of you. This dragon named Resistance, however, is not safe. Resistance is going to die. The Read More Warrior has found a new […]

3 ways to get more ideas

You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it Neil Gaiman 1. experimenting I was sitting alone on a camping chair, in the middle of a dark damp grass field. I could […]

CCC: A Method for Habit Building

A Little Story *PANG PANG*. The smell of burning rubber hung in the air. A young warrior was firing little colourful objects towards a destructive dragon called Resistance. These objects were the most effective munition he had: rubber bands. It kept the dragon at a distance for a while, but still, the dragon crept closer […]

The Choice: CS series – Part 2

A Little Story “What’s this?” came out of his mouth before he could control himself. The young warrior looked around. There was nobody to answer his question. There were trees to his left, and trees to his right, and if he looked back far enough he could still see some houses. This place felt familiar, […]

The Inner Battle: CS series – Part 1

A little story Once upon a time, there was a young warrior. He was just ten years old, sitting at his grandparent’s house. As bored as he was from watching animation movies, he decided to do what he rather did. He took the door to the hall, climbed the stairs, and opened the second door […]